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Large Dolls - 70cm (Total 9 items) VIEW ALL

Chen (Event)
$465.00 (Pre-order)

DollZone Chen with double jointed...
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Chen - 2

Chen - 2 (Event)
$465.00 (Pre-order)

DollZone Chen - 2 with...
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Hong (Event)
$465.00 (Pre-order)

DollZone Hong with double jointed...
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Large Dolls - 1/3 (Total 23 items) VIEW ALL

Alpha (Event)
$465.00 (Pre-order)

DollZone Alpha with double jointed...
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Amelia (Event)
$455.00 (Pre-order)

DollZone Amelia with double jointed...
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Beetta *Sold Out*

Beetta *Sold Out* (Event)

DollZone Beetta with double jointed...
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Mini Dolls - 1/4 (Total 38 items) VIEW ALL

Annie (Event)
$240.00 (In Stock)

DollZone Annie with double jointed B45-005...
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Anson-Mei (Event)
$240.00 (Pre-order)

DollZone Anson-Mei with double jointed...
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Carter (Event)
$240.00 (Pre-order)

DollZone Carter with double jointed...
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Tiny Dolls - 1/6 (Total 15 items) VIEW ALL

Abby (Event)
$224.00 (Pre-order)

DollZone Abby with double jointed...
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Candice (Event)
$224.00 (Pre-order)

DollZone Candice with double jointed...
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 Nani *Last Chance!*

Nani *Last Chance!* (Event)
$195.00 (In Stock)

Dollzone Nani with double jointed...
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Pet Dolls - 1/6 (Total 4 items) VIEW ALL
 Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty (Event)
$205.00 (Pre-order)

DollZone Miss Kitty. Default body...
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 Mr Bunny

Mr Bunny (Event)
$205.00 (Pre-order)

DollZone Mr Bunny. Default body...
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Dale - Normal Version *Sold Out*

Dale - Normal Version *Sold Out* (Event)

DollZone Dale - Normal Version....
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Tiny Dolls - 1/12 (Total 12 items) VIEW ALL

Apple (Event)
$165.00 (Pre-order)

Dollzone 1/12 boy Apple with...
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Ginger (Event)
$165.00 (Pre-order)

Dollzone 1/12 boy Ginger with...
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Hannya (Event)
$165.00 (Pre-order)

Dollzone 1/12 girl Hannya with...
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Pet Dolls - 1/12 (Total 8 items) VIEW ALL
  Heavy Rain (Time Limited)

Heavy Rain (Time Limited) (Event)
$129.00 (Pre-order)

DollZone Heavy Rain.This is a...
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Big Dipper (Time Limited)

Big Dipper (Time Limited) (Event)
$199.00 (Pre-order)

DollZone Big Dipper.This is a...
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Coral *Sold Out*

Coral *Sold Out* (Event)

DollZone Coral. This doll is...
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Heads (Total 80 items) VIEW ALL
DZ Abby  Head

DZ Abby Head (Event)
$50.00 (Pre-order)

DollZone Abby Head. Head circumference...
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DZ Alpha Head

DZ Alpha Head (Event)
$90.00 (Pre-order)

DollZone Alpha head. Head Circumference...
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DZ Amelia Head

DZ Amelia Head (Event)
$92.00 (Pre-order)

DollZone Amelia head. Head Circumference...
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Bodies (Total 32 items) VIEW ALL
DZ 11cm Girl Body (B10-001)

DZ 11cm Girl Body (B10-001) (Event)
$140.00 (Pre-order)

DollZone 11cm girl body, B10-001....
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DZ 16cm Boy Body (B16-001)

DZ 16cm Boy Body (B16-001) (Event)
$145.00 (Pre-order)

DollZone 16cm boy body, B16-001....
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DZ 16cm Girl Body (B16-002)

DZ 16cm Girl Body (B16-002) (Event)
$145.00 (Pre-order)

DollZone 16cm girl body, B16-002....
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Parts (Total 31 items) VIEW ALL
DZ 25cm Girl Feet (FG25-01)

DZ 25cm Girl Feet (FG25-01) (Event)
$15.00 (Pre-order)

DollZone 25cm girl feet, FG25-01.Resin...
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DZ 25cm Girl Hands (HG25-01)

DZ 25cm Girl Hands (HG25-01) (Event)
$15.00 (Pre-order)

DollZone 25cm girl hands, HG25-01.Resin...
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DZ 26cm Boy Feet (FB25-01)

DZ 26cm Boy Feet (FB25-01) (Event)
$15.00 (Pre-order)

DollZone 26cm boy feet, FB25-01.Resin...
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