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Mint on Card: Dolls & Dear Things
Sticky: - We want our customers to be aware that Mint On Card is the exclusive dealer of Asleep Eidolon dolls for buyers in the United States. Any other store or individual selling mass quantities of Asleep Eidolon dolls, either from a website or eBay, to US buyers is not an authorized dealer. Customers may be at risk of purchasing a copied doll.

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April 9th '14:

-New kid dolls from Doll Chateau are available for pre-order! Lance & Lydia, both have new bodies, (K-body-12 & K-body-11). DC has not put pictures up of the K-body-12 body yet, so you won't be seeing that body for pre-order until we get images from DC.

-New Xaga Dolls are up for pre-order! A few of these dolls have been up for a while, we just forgot to announce them, (sorry!).
26cm Bobby
26cm Coco
27cm Emily (Boy)
27cm Sylvia (Boy)
27cm Sylvia (Girl)
27cm Sylvia SP (Girl)
30cm Cyrus
30cm Ken
70cm Bert

-Some new Doll Family-A dolls are available for pre-order. 63cm boys Lauer & Ruggs, and 1/4 girl Vivian.

-The new LoongSoul Doll 1/4 mermaids, (Sirens and Witch), are now available for pre-order! It took us a few days to get them listed because the LSDoll website listings for them, (both the English & Chinese), were very confusing. We had to speak with LSDoll to make sure that everything on our listings were correct. If you are interested in ordering one of these dolls PLEASE carefully read through the ENTIRE listing! There is a lot going on with these dolls! Also, customers who order two (2) of these dolls can get a free Piggy-Fish or Shell Base! Details on the promotional offer can be found on all the mermaid listings.

-We have confirmation that DollZone new tan is going to be semi-translucent. For those of you with DollZone dolls in the original solid Tan resin, we have some Tan skin hands in stock if you want to buy a replacement hand for any possible future breakage. These are the last original Tan skin hands that we have, all future Tan hands will be in the new semi-translucent resin. Currently in stock:
45cm Boy Hands (HB45-01)
60cm Girl Hands (HG60-02)
70cm Boy Hands (HB70-03)

April 4th '14:

-Angell-Studio 1/3 Diao Chan, and 1/6 Hancy, Bake, and Ayaliz are now available for pre-order! Ayaliz comes on the new 31cm Starry body. Customers who order Ayaliz by June 24th will receive a free Angell-Studio wig of their choosing.

April 3rd '14:

DollZone Discount Event

April 3rd - April 28th

  DollZone is discontinuing some of their 1/6 dolls, bodies, and heads, as well as some 1/6 & 1/12 clothing. Customers who pre-order any of these items will receive a 12% discount at check-out! To qualify for this promotional offer you must place a pre-order by 4:00pm US ET April 28th. Payment, (or 1st deposit for layaway`s), must also be received by that time and date.
Items that are available at a discount will have "(Event)" in light blue beside the product name. Please be aware that Tan Skin is not available for any of the dolls, bodies, or heads included in this event. If you have any questions please feel free to email us.

February 27th '14:

-We are happy to announce that we will be attending DollAKon in Dallas Texas! We didn't have any plans to attend any conventions in 2014 other than Dollism Plus, but A-Kon/DollAKon have been so friendly and accommodating we couldn't say no! We hope to see many of you in Dallas this June!

February 19th '14:

- Only-Doll has released some new dolls! :)

BiYan (1/4 Girl)
QingMing (1/4 Boy)
YunXi (1/4 Boy)
XueJi (1/6 Girl)
ZiJin (1/6 Boy)

 The fullset items are not yet available for purchase separately, but they will be soon. The 1/6 dolls fullsets will be available soon, as will their heads, (the 1/4 fullsets & heads are already available).

February 18th '14:

- Our Sculpt Authenticity Registration is up! If you purchased a doll, doll head, doll body, or doll part from MoC you can now register it on our website. FAQ's are listed on the registration page, but if you have any additional questions please email us at info@mintoncardinc.com


Just a reminder that Jim & Lindsey will be in China on business for a few weeks in March. We will be closing the shop while they are away, and inventory will be done at that time. We'll be closed from March 4th - March 24th. All online and in-store shopping will cease at that time, but we will still be processing layaway payments, processing arriving shipments, mailing pre-orders arrivals, and answering emails.

February 12th '14:

- The damaged RouDie that we posted about yesterday is spoken for! :)

-Need another reason to register for Dollism Plus USA? The first 200 people to register will receive a free pair of Doll Heart Shoes valued at $35+! Those of you who have already registered will be getting a pair of shoes. The shoes size and style received will be random. Shoes can not be exchanged for a different pair at the DH booth, and can not be returned to DH for cash.

February 11th '14:

- We have a slightly damaged dolly that needs a home! Only-Doll 1/4 RouDie in Normal Pink Skin, (Blank). She is a new doll, never owned or displayed, but she arrived to us with a chipped left ankle. She has her birth card, eyes & putty, pajamas, and box, (the box lid has damage though). She regularly sells for $229.99, but we are offering this doll for only $135.00! If you are interested in her please email us at info@mintoncardinc.com, (don't use our website check-out!). The first person to confirm that they want her will get her, (anyone who emails us about her will receive a reply though). Layaway IS available for this doll!

New Super Sale Items:

K2 Tank Top - White (1/4 Boy)
K2 So Cute! - Blue (1/6)

Limit 2 per order. Sale ends on February 25th or while supplies lasts.

February 7th '14:

- Updates on the Dollism Plus USA website! Registration information has been updated, Single Day Pass info is up, 4 new Vendors have been added, and the Donations page is up along with info on the charities that we have chosen for the raffle. http://www.denofangels.com/dollism/

February 5th '14:

-There has been an adjustment to our pre-order policy. Starting today, (February 5th 2014), customers who alter/customize their order in any way are not eligible for a refund on their orders unless they cancel the order before it is submitted to the manufacturer, or if we are unable to obtain the product that was ordered, (example, the manufacturer went out of business & never sent the order). What do we mean when we say altered/customized? Basically if the doll/doll body/doll head is not ordered as pictured or listed, (default). If the body is switched, the bust size changed, or the make-up is altered, etc, it is not considered to be the default version of the product. We held off as long as we could with this policy, but we have seen an increase of people cancelling orders as soon as it hits 27 weeks, and we have been left with dolls that are difficult to list and difficult to sell. If the manufacturers would allow us to cancel after an order is submitted, then we would allow it too, but that is not how it works in this business, (& we do understand why from the perspective of the manufacturers). Please understand that this new policy only applies to orders placed on or after 2/5/2014, orders placed prior to this date still qualify for a refund once the estimated wait time has passed. For those of you who have not read our Store Policies, or if it has been a long time since you have, now might be a good time to give it a look over. :) Thanks.

January 29th '14:

- The Angel Fantasy Chinese New Year Event is now up! Get 15% off dolls and doll bodies! View any Angel Fantasy doll listing for details. :)

January 27th '14:

- To the customers who received an email on the 18th that your LoongSoul Doll order is on the way to us; we have still not received the parcels. They have been sitting in customs since the 20th. We called UPS to ask what the hold up is, they said that there is nothing wrong, they are just really backed up. Hopefully the parcels will start to move again this week. Please remember that when we receive them we will need 1 - 2 days to look over everything & assign dolls to customers. You will be emailed as soon as we have inspected your pre-order. Thank you for your patience.

January 24th '14:

-The RingDoll Chinese New Year Event is up! Customers can earn a free 1/3 head, or one of two free event dolls, Elf Annie or Mermaid Shelly! Please view any RD doll listing on our website for more details. RD has also released a new 70cm boy named Lulu. This doll is available in 3 versions; Basic, Classic, or Deluxe. The Classic and Deluxe versions are limited.

January 24th '14:

-The Doll Leaves CNY Event has been listed. Customers who place pre-orders can get free jointed hands, event doll Xixi, or a free face-up! Please view any D-Leaves listing on our website for more information.

January 21st '14:

- The LoongSoul Doll Lunar New Year is up! Free make-up or Jointed Hands will dolly pre-orders! For full information please view a LSDoll doll listing on our site.

New Doll Family - H dolls are up, as well as the Chinese New Year Event! New dolls are: Lyndon 70cm, Lydia 1/3 Girl, Ameda 1/3 Girl, Daisy 1/3 Girl, XiaYuTong 1/3 Boy, LiHaoYan 1/3 Boy, HuaHua 1/12 Girl, and DuoDuo 1/12 Girl. Please view any DF-H doll or body listing for information about the event.

January 15th '14:

- The Doll Chateau Spring Event has started! Customers who place pre-orders can get a Russell Doll for only $1.00! This event is ending a little earlier for us, (March 3rd), because of our upcoming trip to China. For full info on the event please visit any DC doll listing on our site.

The Doll Family - A Chinese New Year Event has begun! Customers can get 12% off on dolls + free make-up! Customers who spend $260.00 can also get a free Bunny or Fox doll! Please view any DF-A listing on our website for more details. DF-A has also released a new 1/6 boy named KaBu in time for the event.

January 14th '14:

- Many of our long time customers know that we usually close during Chinese New Year so that Jim & Lindsey can celebrate the holiday, and during this time inventory is done at the store by employees who to not celebrate the holiday. We will be closing for a short time this year, but not during Chinese New Year. Jim & Lindsey will be in China on business for a few weeks in March. We will be closing the shop while they are away, and inventory will be done at that time. We'll be closed from March 4th - March 24th. All online and in-store shopping will cease at that time, but we will still be processing layaway payments, processing arriving shipments, mailing pre-orders arrivals, and answering emails.

- Got the DollZone Spring Event up! Sorry for the delay everyone! Customers who place a pre-order can earn a free or discounted Wendy or Dale doll, please view any DZ doll page on our website for details. The normal version of Wendy & Dale can be ordered, (purchased), for a limited time. We decided to stick them in the 1/6 Pet Doll category because they look like Sea Monkey's to us, (well...the cartoon drawings of Sea Monkey's anyways).

December 31st '13:

- Our Exclusive DollHeart 'Midnight Plum Fer' for 1/4 dolls will be in-stock and available for purchase on January 2nd! We should have them up by noon eastern time.

New 1/6 limited edition dolls from LoongSoul Doll! Deer - Bessie, Unicorn - Beck, Centaur - Addie, & Centaur - Billy are now available for pre-order!

December 17th '13:

- Doll Love has released 8 new dolls!
  • 1/6 Grapefruit - Normal
  • 1/6 Grapefruit - Half Sleepy (New Version)
  • 1/6 Grapefruit - Sleeping
  • 1/6 WenWen
  • 1/6 YanYan
  • 1/4 Ariel
  • 1/4 Elvis
  • 1/3 Elsie

- Our Store Front hours during Christmas - New Year will be different. We will have limited morning hours on the 26th & 27th, closed after noon. And we will be closed on the 25th, 28th, and January 1st.

December 12th '13:

- New STAR WARS merchandise is in the shop! We have a bunch of loose vintage figures, including a Blue Snaggletooth! Mail-away figures are also in stock, as well as a lot of new carded figures from the mid 90's-mid 2000's. We also have a couple of Sideshow Collectibles environment sets in stock, they are really cool!

- New 1/3 boys from RingDoll are now available for pre-order! Misha - Style A, Misha - Style B, and DiYue.

The LoongSoul Doll Holiday Event is now up! Customers can get free make-up on non-limited dolls, or earn a free Morgan-SP Head! View any LSDoll doll listing on our website for more information!

The new DollHeart pre-orders are up! 'School of Magic' and 'Xmas Party' series outfits are now available for pre-order, as well as some new shoes.

- Doll Family - A has released a new 1/3 elf boy, Aurea! The doll, as well as his head, are now available for pre-order.

December 10th '13:

- Fantasy Doll & Angel Street prices will be going up by 20% starting on February 3rd. We will be placing 2 more orders with them before the price increase.

December 9th '13:

- Introducing SUPER SALES! :) Every few weeks we will have 1 or 2 items on sale for much lower prices then normal, so low that we actually lose money or break even! This is our way of encouraging our customers to try new product lines, and to help make the hobby a little more affordable. :) This week the sales items are:

- MoC Glass Eyes 'Jing Xi Bag - Eyes (Random)'
- K2 'Bad Boy Pants (60cm)'

  There is a limit of 2 of each item per order. We want as many people as possible to be able to take part in this sale, so please do not add more then 2 of each item into your shopping cart. If you do we will reduce the qty in your order! Thanks!

December 3rd '13:

- New DollZone 1/3 girls! Amelia & Cornelia are now available for pre-order! Their outfits and the new NB58-001 body are also available for pre-order.

New Doll Leaves 1/3 girls are up now too! :) Eve, QiangWei, & YueJi are now available for pre-order.

November 27th '13:

- We will be away from work starting at 4:00pm US ET today through the long holiday weekend. We'll be back to work on Monday morning. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

- The Doll Chateau Christmas Event is now up. We tried to break it down and make it as understandable as possible, but if you have questions please email us at info@mintoncardinc.com. We will get back with you after the Thanksgiving break.

- Doll Chateau has released a new doll, Mephisto.Pheles! This doll comes in 2 versions, one with antlers and one without. The one without antlers has a promotional event; you can get a pair of antlers for free! :) This promotional offer can not be combined with any other DC event.

- Our first shipment of stock Akagi Dolls is in! We were surprised to find that all of the dolls include carrying bags! :) All of the dolls item descriptions have been updated to include the bag.

November 18th '13:

- Doll Chateau's newest doll is up for pre-order! Customer's who order Elizabeth (a 1/4 doll), can get her face-up for free until December 27th!

Doll Family-H Practice Heads are now available! 70 & 60cm heads are $35.00, and the 1/4 head is $27.00. These heads are available for a limited time.

November 18th '13:

- Need your order shipped in time for Christmas? Below is a list of of the last days parcels can be shipped and make it to their destination in time for the holiday:
  • December 2nd: USPS International First Class Post for Africa and Central & South America.
  • December 9th: USPS International First Class Post for all other non-US destinations.
  • December 12th: FedEx Express International for countries other then the U.S.A and Canada.
  • December 17th - 19th: FedEx Home Ground or Commercial; the 17th for non-continental states and very rural areas, the 19th for most other locations.
  • December 19th: FedEx Express International for Canada.
  • December 20th: USPS First Class Post within the continental United States.
 Please remember that the day you place your order is not necessarily the day your order will ship, so you will want to place your order a few days before the dates listed above! Also, we can not guarantee that your order will reach you in time for the holiday, the above dates are what were provided by the shipping carriers, we can't hold them to them.

November 15th '13:

- The Angel Fantasy Holiday Event is now up! Get 10% off dolls; the discount is also applied to doll make-up. Also, AF has released 4 new 1/4 dolls, Alan (boy), and Eli, Winni, & Darlene (all girls).

- The Doll Leaves Christmas Event is up! Customers can earn a free Ovid doll! For information about the event please view any Doll Leaves doll listing on our website.

- Yet another Christmas event! The Doll Family - A event is running until December 19th. Discounts on all dolls, + $1.00 offers, + a chance to get a free 1/12 Fox!

Aaaannnnd the Illusion Spirit Holiday Event is up now too! :) Get 12% off dolls, 10% off bodies, and free doll heads or jointed hands! For complete information please view an IS doll listing on our website. IS has also released two new 1/6 girls with new bodies! Song Xiao & Su Xiao are now available for pre-order, as well as the new body, (which is available as a 1-part or 3-part torso).

November 7th '13:

- RingDoll's new 70cm dolls, Jack the Ripper & Warren, are now available for pre-order!

Asleep Eidolon has released mature 1/6 mermaids! Cordelia Mermaid - Special Body & Cordelia Mermaid SP - Special Body are now available for pre-order. These dolls are limited to 20 for the international market & 40 for the Chinese market. One of the dolls sold out in only 1 day in China! Human versions of these dolls are available too.

The DollZone Christmas Event is up! 4 free dollies are available for those who qualify. For info on the event view any DollZone doll listing on our website. *Please note* - Items that are part of the 'Discount Event' are NOT included in the Christmas Event. The Christmas Event info is on the Discount Event doll listings. We apologize if that causes some confusion. After the 18th the Discount Event will be over so only 1 event will be going on after that.

November 4th '13:

- STAR WARS Gentle Giant Bossk Jumbo Figure is now in stock at our shop & online store! :)

October 31st '13:

- STAR WARS Black Series Wave 2, 6 inch figure are in stock at the shop!

October 29th '13:

-We are enacting a new policy as of today. We will no longer sell to individuals who we know to have purchased recast dolls, support or inform people of the purchasing of recast dolls, or are a member of a recast community. We realize that this policy will not be popular with some, but we believe that the majority of the people in this hobby will support our decision.

  As a U.S.A based BJD dealer we are in a unique position. We have met in person with most of the small companies in China that we do business with. We have met the business owners, the design artists, the sculptors, and the make-up artists. A LOT of time, money, creativity, and love is put into all of the dolls that they create. Whenever we find that one of their beautiful sculpts has been recast it doesn't just upset us, it makes us sad. All of these small businesses deserve compensation for their hard work. We at MoC have decided not only as a business, but as a group of individuals, that we can not support recasting in anyway. By selling a legitimate doll to someone who is known to support recasting we could unknowingly be sending that doll off to be recast later, this especially concerns us when we have limited edition dolls in stock that are no longer available from the BJD company itself.

  Thank you for reading, if you have any questions about this policy please email us at info@mintoncardinc.com.

October 23rd '13:

- Pre-Orders are now available for Ruby Red Galleria Christmas Boxes! The boxes are randomly packed with clothing, shoes, & accessories. Sets available are:

Clothes - (10-12cm), Honee-B, PukiPuki, Brownie, etc.
Clothes - (27-20cm), InMotion Girl; Lia, Senson, etc.
Shoes - (4-5cm), InMotion Girl; Lia, Senson, etc.

If you want to order one of these boxes for a friend RRG will put a special message from you on the package. Customers who place their order by November 5th WILL get these sets in time for the Christmas holiday!

October 11th '13:

- Island Doll - Norse Myth has released two new 73cm boys, Thor and Loki! :)
The dolls are now available for pre-order.

October 11th '13:

- Our online shop is temporarily closed. Shopping cart buttons are disabled, (removed), but will be turned back on the morning of Monday October the 21st. Any emails sent to us during the closer will be responded to starting on the 21st.

October 9th '13:

- New DOLLHEART items are up for pre-order, including the very popular Fukubukuro Mystery Bags! The bags are available in the following sizes:

70cm Boy
60cm/SD13 Boy
58cm/DDM Girl
58cm/DDdy Girl
57cm/SD10-13 Girl

Please be aware that the YOSD and the MSD bags are NOT gender specific!

The new outfits listed are:

Chieftain (LD000589): Size 1/3, SD13 Boy
Jose (LD000573): Size 1/3, SD13 Boy
Cheshire Heart (LD000580): Size 1/3, SD13 Boy
Alice Rabbit Time (LD000584): Size 1/3, SD13 Boy
Love'n the Ruby (LD000591): Size 1/3, SD10/13 Girl
Natalie (LD000574): Size 1/3, SD10/13 Girl
Alice Love 2013 (LD000585): Size 1/3, SD10/13 Girl
Kyle (MD000191): Size 1/4, MSD Boy
Rabbit Love 2013 (MD000189): Size 1/4, MSD Boy
Cheshire Love (MD000193): Size 1/4, MSD Boy
Alice Rabbit Love (MD000197): Size 1/4, MSD Boy
Morgan (MD000192): Size 1/4, MSD Girl
Rabbit Heart 2013 (MD000190): Size 1/4, MSD Girl
Alice Time 2013 (MD000201): Size 1/4, MSD Girl

October 4th '13:

- Akagi Doll has released 2 new 1/3 boys, Ling Long & You Yue! :) We are also offering QUADRUPLE MUNIE on all Akagi Doll orders until November 5th!

- Just another reminder that our online shop will be closed for a short period in October. Shopping cart buttons will be disabled starting the evening of Friday October 11th & will be turned back on the morning of Monday October the 21st. We will be closing while Jim & Lindsey take a much needed break, and to allow the other staff to do inventory. The store front will remain open, and doll shipments will still be inspected and shipped during the closer. Layaway payments will still be processed. The only affect the closer will have on customers is the inability to place new orders, and possibly a slower response to emails.

October 1st '13:

- New STAR WARS products have been listed. Three different Workman Tin Lunch Boxes are available, each based on the original trilogy. Also, a super fun Lightsaber Bottle Opener! :)

- DikaDoll has released 2 new limited edition dolls, 70cm boy Xiao and 1/4 girl Aruo.

September 26th '13:

- Looking for an in-stock head? We've got some! :)

Only-Doll (4 heads in-stock)
Doll Love (3 heads in-stock)
Angell-Studio (2 heads in-stock)
DikaDoll (1 head in-stock, Edime)
DollZone (1 head in-stock, Reiko)
Doll Family-A (Practice Head in-stock, all colors)

- Doll Family - H has released news dolls!! :) SuXun is their first 65cm boy, and there are 2 body types available for him. Two new 1/6 dolls are also available; XiaNuo (boy), and ZhiLing (girl).

September 17th '13:

-Message from Lindsey:

  Good morning everyone! This Tuesday morning is not unfolding as we would like. I am sick, Lane's 1 year old son is sick, and Jim is out of town, so we are at bit out of sorts here. :p Currently I am at work but I will be leaving around lunch time to get some rest, and then later work from home. Orders will still be processed and shipped today, and pre-orders for Angell-Studio, DollZone, Fantasy Doll, and Angel Street will still be submitted this evening. Because Lane is out Layaway payments will not be charged today, new orders will be processed by me though. The store front will be closed today as well. Hopefully we will be back in the swing of things tomorrow.

September 12th '13:

DollZone News!

- DollZone has announced that it will be discontinuing many 1/3 dolls, heads, bodies, and outfits. These items will be discounted starting September 19th. The following is what will be discounted & discontinued:

1/3 Dolls & Heads: Latte, Muying,Lucia,Baixuan, Gretta,  Hazel, Una, June, May, April, Aurora, Stramonium, Tulip, Helen, Clovera, Morphoa, & Beetta.

Bodies: B58-001, B58-002, B62-001, B65-002

Clothing: C60-012,C60-025,C60-021,C60-019,C60-020,
C60-033, C60-034, C60-035, C60-032,C60-031,C60-030, C65-003,C65-004,C60-043,C60-044,C60-045,C60-049,
C60-051,& C60-054.

*PLEASE NOTE* The above listed dolls, heads, & bodies will NOT be available in Tan skin once this event has started! Due to this event news our next DZ pre-order submission date has been moved forward to September 17th. Customers wanting to order any of the upcoming discounted products in Tan Skin will need to place their orders by 4:00pm US ET on September 17th. Please remember that we need to have payment, (or layaway deposit/1st payment), by that time. If you select 'Money Order', or if we have trouble processing your payment, then you could miss out on Tan Skin! For customers paying with cards, it is best to place your order a few days ahead of the submission date to ensure that payment can be processed in time by chance there is a processing issue.

Full event information will be on the appropriate DollZone listings starting on September 18th.

September 11th '13:

- Customers who are waiting on the February & May Angel Fantasy pre-orders. We contacted AF about your orders, originally they told us that the orders would ship by the end of August, now we are being told that the orders will ship out this month, (September). We weren't told when in September, but we think it's safe to assume that it would be at the end of the month, (meaning we would have the dolls in early October). We apologize for your continued wait.

- Our online shop will be closed for a short period in October. Shopping cart buttons will be disabled starting the evening of Friday October 11th & will be turned back on the morning of Monday October the 21st. We will be closing while Jim & Lindsey take a much needed break, and to allow the other staff to do inventory. The store front will remain open, and doll shipments will still be inspected and shipped during the closer. The only affect the closer will have on customers is the inability to place new orders, and possibly a slower response to emails.

September 4th '13:

Further explanation for the long pre-order waits. Several BJD companies have told us that they are having trouble filling open positions within their companies. Wages in China have increased a lot for the last couple of years, this year in particular. What is happening there is familiar to what has happened in other countries; the economy improves, wages increase, and people leave labor intensive jobs for less labor intensive job, or a desk job. Asleep Eidolon, Xaga Doll, LoongSoul Doll, and DikaDoll are all having trouble finding workers.

No one wants to sand dolls for a living.

It's hard tedious work, and usually in uncomfortable conditions. AE has raised the pay for sanding jobs 3 times in the last 8 months, but things have still not improved for them. AE is more popular then ever. Orders have been large, that is usually good news for a company, but it is daunting when you don't have enough workers to get the orders done in a timely fashion. These companies are stuck with only a few choices:

  • Increase wages to a point that their dolls become out of reach for many people, (price wise).
  • Move their entire company to a different region that has more workers who are willing to take on sanding jobs.
  • Stop offering sanding altogether.
  • Charge for sanding.

Any of these decisions could negatively impact their business. Customers might stop buying if prices get too high. If the company moves it will cost them money, loss of orders during the move, and with time they will likely find themselves in the same situation again that they are in now. If they stop offering sanding then customers might choose to go with a BJD brand that does offer it. If they charge for sanding, that adds to the cost of the doll and make it look less appealing price wise, (people never like having something that was once free 'taken away' from them). Traditionally Chinese BJD's always come sanded, so that is why not sanding them does not really feel like an option to most of these brands.

As of right now we do not know what these companies will ultimately choose to do, but your opinion could help them decide. They can easily get the opinions of the domestic Chinese market, but they need our, (your), help to know what the rest of the BJD hobbyists think. Please join our discussion on facebook with your opinions. Thank you. :)

August 29th '13:

- We will be closed for the long Labor Day holiday. We'll be leaving work at 3:30pm on Friday the 30th and will be back to work on Tuesday the 3rd. Any orders placed while we are away will be processed come Tuesday. Emails sent during the holiday will be responded to on Tuesday as well. Have a nice weekend everyone! :)

August 26th '13:

-Angell-Studio is no longer offering single jointed bodies. We were just given this information last night via chat. We don't know if A-S has updated their website yet, but we have. All single jointed options have been removed from our website, as well as the single jointed body listings.

-Prices for Only-Doll and Doll Love will be increasing by 15%. The increase will not go into effect until October 2nd. So if you have been looking at making an O-D or D-Love purchase you still have a good amount of time to do so until the price change.

August 22nd '13:

 - Jing Xi Bags are back in stock! 2 pairs of random glass eyes for $10.00. They can be found under 'MoC Glass Eyes'. :)

August 16th '13:

- New DollHeart Clothing! We have all of the new August outfits up for pre-order, we are also accepting pre-orders for Lati Yellow, (14 - 16cm) doll outfits now! :) Not all of the Lati Yellow outfits are listed on our site, if there is one that you are interested in but don't see it listed, then give us an email and we will get it up on our site for you.


Pink On Music (DD)
eatriz Enriquez de Ara (DD)
Filipa Moniz Perestrelo (DDDY)
Fernando II el Catolico (70cm)
CAPTAIN (65cm boy)
Female Pirate (60cm girl)
Martln Alonso Pinzon (60cm boy)
Cristobal Colon (60cm boy)
Isabel I la Catolica (60cm girl)
Reyes Catolicos (60cm boy)
La Loca (60cm girl)
Diego Colombo (1/4 boy)
Carlos I (1/4 boy)

August 5th '13:

Star Wars shoppers: We have the first wave of the new 6 inch black series in! We don't have many, so right now there are no plans on listing these on the website unless we are able to order some more.

August 1st '13:

-We are happy to announce that we are now an official dealer for Akagi Doll! Dolls, bodies, and heads are now available for pre-order and are set at a special promotional price until September 24th! We have taken 'In Real Life' pictures of 70cm Tann, you can see them on any of the Tann listings on our website.

Doll Leaves has released two new dolls, 1/3 Emily and 1/4 Cecil! :) Also, the Summer Event is still going on until September 12th.

-'In Real Life' pictures of Xaga Doll Lara have been added to her listing. :)

-Reminder, we will be closed this Saturday so that our staff can participate at the Traverse City Film Festival.

July 25th '13:

-We will no longer be carrying Boy & Girl Doll, so all B&G in-stock products are on sale. All sales on these dolls are final, so if you have any questions please ask them before making your purchase. Thank you! :)

July 24th '13:

- Illusion Spirit has released a new 70cm boy body, (it replaces the previous body), and has released 3 new 70cm boys as well! Jia Ye, Xiao Ji, and Yun Xi are now available for pre-order. The IS Summer Event has started as well; discounts on dolls and doll bodies, and free jointed hands or doll heads are available to those who place pre-orders!

- Doll Family - H has released a new 26cm body, and 2 dolls to go along with it; Hathaway & Neil. The DF-H Summer Event is under way as well! Discounts on dolls and the opportunity to earn free dolls! You can view all of the details on any DF-H doll listing on our website.

- Our store front will be closed on August the 3rd to allow MoC staff to enjoy a day at the Traverse City Film Festival. For those of you who will be in the area, we hope you will experience the TCFF as well and have a great time!

- Our exclusive limited edition DollHeart Fer, (Midnight Plum), will be available soon! The outfit will be limited to 40 sets, pre-orders will be available soon. Whatever does not sell during the pre-order period will go into stock.

July 22nd '13:

- Could the person organizing the July 26th meet-up party please email us at info@mintoncardinc.com? We are trying to get in contact with you. Thanks! :)

July 11th '13:

-DollHeart's Halloween 2013 line is now available for pre-order! :)

Kevin (70cm
Jack (60cm Boy)
Maria (1/3 Girl)
Julia (1/3 Girl)
Amanda (1/4 Girl)
Elijah (1/4 Boy)
Aaron (1/6)

-The Doll Leaves 2013 Summer Event has been announced! Customers who place pre-orders can get a free 16cm Ada doll! Please note that we are having the event end a few days sooner then on D-Leaves website, the event will end on September 12th on our site instead of September 15th. Full details of the event can be found on any D-Leaves doll listing on our website.

-The DikaDoll Summer Event is up! Customers who place pre-orders can get free dolls, heads, jointed hands, or a bear suit for their doll! Please view any DikaDoll doll listing for more details.

July 9th '13:

- The DollZone 2013 Summer Event has been listed! :) DollZone has also released 4 new 1/12 (16cm) dolls; Ginger, Vanilla, Thyme, and Pepper.

July 2nd '13:

- Only-Doll and Doll Love have are having a Summer Event! Pre-Order any doll and receive a free blank head! The head must be the same scale as the doll you purchase, you choose the sculpt and resin color. :)

- HZ Doll has released a new boy, Ye Wu Chen. His outfit is called "Night without Dawn", and is available in 70cm, 65cm, and 60cm.

- Island Doll - Norse Myth has released two new dolls, 65cm boy Njord & 60cm girl Narsus. Both Njord and Narsus are on new bodies. Narsus's body is currently available for pre-order, but we are still waiting on pictures and pricing for Njord's body.

July 1st '13:

- The new RingDoll Frankenstein is here, and he's got himself a gal! ;) Be sure to check-out Eva in the 1/3 section, and Frankenstein in the 70cm section.

- Doll Chateau has release two new 52cm kid dolls, Alma & Agatha! The dolls, their heads, and the new body are now available for pre-order.

- We will be closed on Thursday July 4th, as well as Saturday July 6th. Online orders will be processed on Friday the 5th, and again resume when we return to work on Monday the 8th. Our response to emails might take a little longer then usual, but we will get back with you are soon as we are able to. :)

June 27th '13:

- Our first shipment from Ruby Red Galleria is here! :) Items have been placed in stock and more will be on the way soon! We plan on having more stock by mid July.

Angell-Studio has releases a new 1/6 tiny, Cassie - Dancing Baby. :) A special priced version of her is available. Customers who order the Butter Skin Fullset will get Cassie at the price of $336.00, (the Pink & White version is $350.00, and the Tan & Grey version is $380.00).

June 24th '13:

- Mint on Card - STAR WARS is now open! Not everything in our shop is on the website, and that will always be the case, but we will add more items to the site as we find time.

Check it out! :)

RingDoll has released a new 72cm boy! Edward is now available for pre-order. :)

June 19th '13:

- Bunch of new Xaga Doll's are available for pre-order! :)
  • Ian (1/3 Girl)
  • Yan (1/3 Girl)
  • Cara (1/4 Girl)
  • Sara (1/4 Girl)
  • Hana (1/6 Girl)
  • Ida (1/6 Girl & Boy Versions)
  • Sugar (1/6 Girl on Lara Body)
  • Hong Dou Sha (1/6 Girl 

- DikaDoll has released two new dolls, 1/3 boy Aqua, and 1/3 girl Dew. 

- Our Store Front will be closing a little bit early on Saturday the 22nd, will will be closing at 3:00pm. We apologize for any inconvenience.

June 18th '13:

Angell-Studio Summer Event!
June 18th - July 16th

 Customer`s who place Angell-Studio pre-orders can take advantage of the following offers:

Pre-Order $100.00 of A-S product: Get 1 Agi chick for only $1.00! Chick will be painted. The facial expression your Agi has will be random.
Pre-Order $299.00 of A-S product: Get 3 Agi chicks for only $1.00! Chicks will be painted. The facial expressions your Agi`s  have will be random.
Pre-Order $499.00 of A-S product: Get Agi Chicken Family, (including 2 with special expressions!). Chicks will be painted.  Or Get 1 Abu raccoon. Abu will be blank, face-up & body painting is available for $32.00.
Pre-Order $599.00 of A-S product: Get 1 Charlie/Meng Meng! Charlie will be in white skin and blank. A face-up is available for $60.00.

 To qualify for this offer your must be placed between the dates of 6/18/2013 - 7/16/2013, (the cut-off time on the 16th is 4:00pm US Eastern Time). Your order must also be a pre-order, or have enough pre-order items in it to earn the desired gift. In-Stock A-S products do not count toward the dollar amount needed to earn a gift. If your order qualifies for a free gift please note in the Comments Box at check-out which gift you would like. Also note at this time if you would like to add a face-up on your gift doll, (chicks come painted by default, Abu and Charlie do not). Customers who fail to indicate the gift they would like will not receive one, so please remember to note what you want!
  New dolls Xiangling and Lansheng are not part of this event, pre-orders for them will not count towards earning a gift, sorry! Layaway orders are included in the promotional offer!  As always if you ever have any questions about a promotional event please feel free to email us. :) 

June 13th '13:

- Doll Leaves Andy, (1/3 Boy), is now available for pre-order! :)

New MoC Glass Eyes are in stock! Our new colors are:

Black and Yellow
Light Orange
Pale Mint (14mm only)
Bright Purple

Most of the new colors are available in 12mm - 18mm.

June 10th '13:

- More Ruby Red Galleria shoes, outfits, and wigs have been listed. Items that fit Fairyland PukiFee and similar sized dolls are now available for pre-order! :)

- DollHeart has released new clothing for June!


Grayson (68-73cm Boy)
Celeste (62-66cm Girl)

Clara (55-57cm Girl)
Brittney (55-57cm Girl)


Emperor (60cm Boy)
Swindler Braxton (60cm Boy)
Swindler Alissa (55-57cm Girl)
Russell (25-27cm Girl or Boy)

June 4th '13:

- Glass Eyes were placed into stock throughout last week. We have some new eye colors that we still need list on the site and put into stock. We will do it as we find the time.

- We will be closing early on Saturday, (1:30), to attend a book signing; 'Remarkable' by Richard Alan Hall at Horizon Books in Downtown Traverse City.

- Angell-Studio has released 4 new dolls! 68cm Langsheng, 58cm Xiangling, 27cm MengMeng/Charlie (Pet Llama), and 9.8cm Abu (Raccoon) with friend Adi (Baby Chick). All of these dolls are now available for pre-order. :)

- DollZone has released two new 1/4 dolls, Silvia (boy) and Flora (girl).

- RingDoll has released two new 1/3 boys, Crystal and Amethyst.

- Ruby Red Galleria has released two new dolls in the 'In Motion Girl' line, Four Kindergarten Series Ishara and Jar Lu.

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