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Sticky: - We want our customers to be aware that Mint On Card is the exclusive dealer of Asleep Eidolon dolls for buyers in the United States. Any other store or individual selling mass quantities of Asleep Eidolon dolls, either from a website or eBay, to US buyers is not an authorized dealer. Customers may be at risk of purchasing a copied doll.

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November 23rd '15:

- Heads up! We will be away starting on Thursday the 26th to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. We will be back to work on Monday the 30th, and will catch up on orders & emails that were sent to us after we left work on the 25th. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

-The Aimerai Winter Event is up! Get a QT Kid Zya for only $50.00 or FREE! Please view an Aimerai doll listing for more details. Zya is also for sale for a limited time, she can be pre-ordered until January 25th.

-The DollZone Winter Event is now up. You can get a Scorpio doll for $49.00, or $19.00, or Free! Please view a DollZone listing for more details.

- The Impldoll X-Mas Event has started! Spend $400 and get a free Jozo Doll! Please view an Impldoll listing for more details.

- The GEM of Doll Christmas Event has been listed! Get 15% off pre-ordered dolls! We don't have an end-date for this event yet, but once we know it we will update the listing.

October 5th '15:

- The LoongSoul Doll Fall Event is up! Place a pre-order and you can get free make-up, or free gifts, or a free doll! LSDoll has also released two new 1/6 dolls, HuPo & LiuLi. :) Please view any LSDoll doll listing on our website for full information about the event.

October 1st '15:

- Aimerai has released some new dolls! The newest QT Kid, Ander, is now available for pre-order. New Pet Dolls have been released as well, (BunBun, Dino, & Newt), they are $14 - $15 each.  Don't forget that Aimerai has TWO events going on right now, (OZ discount event & QT Kid debut event), and they both end on October 23rd!

-Doll Leaves is running a short Autumn promotion. Spend at least $190.00 on Doll Leaves pre-orders and receive a Soscia Head for free! Please view any D-Leaves doll listing for complete details.

September 24th '15:

-The DollZone 10th Anniversary Event is up! Earn the super-cute Little Bean doll, or even a free Mini BB! Please view any DZ doll listing on our website for more information.

- DollZone has released 3 new 'Flower Mermaid' dolls, and 4 new 1/12 Mini BB dolls. For the mermaids we have:

Sawarieda - This gal is HUGE. We had create a new size category for DZ. She is listed under 'Large Dolls - 80cm & up'. She is 100cm!

Frieda - 35cm with closed eyes. She can be found in the 'Mini Dolls - 1/4" category.

Trieda - 35cm with open eyes. 'Mini Dolls - 1/4" category.

For the new Mini BB Dolls we have:

Megi & Mo - Both boys on 16cm bodies.

Shyo & Scarecrow Hal - Both girls on 16cm bodies.

NONE of these dolls are limited editions, but of course at some point in time they will be discontinued.

September 21st '15:

- Two new dolls are available for pre-order from Doll Leaves. 1/4 Hedy & 1/6 Connie. :)

- Only-Doll and Doll Love are having a Fall Event! 10% off of dolls, plus free Make-up when you pre-order a basic doll! If you are wanting free make-up be sure to order a doll with make-up, if you order a blank doll then a blank doll is what you will receive! For complete info on these events please visit and Only-Doll or Doll Love doll listing on our website.

September 14th '15:

-So....DollZone & Doll Chateau have a new policy when it comes to body switching now. It USED to be that if customers wanted to switch a dolls body then they would just have to pay the difference in price from body to body, (if the bodies were the same price nothing would change, if the switched body cost more then the customer would have to pay a little more). NOW DZ & DC are getting the price difference from doll to doll. Meaning, when a customer orders a doll and wants the body switched, DZ & DC are going to look up what dolls have said body as a default & they are going to charge the customer the price of the doll with that body. Of course many times there are multiple dolls with the same default body, and they are not always the same price. When that happens DZ & DC are going to go with whatever doll costs the most.

So from now on when you are thinking of doing a body switch for a doll from either of these brands please know that the price difference is NOT going to be from body to body, but from doll to doll.

Hopefully we explained this OK. If you have any questions please email us.

September 9th '15:

- Aimerai has release another QT Kid! 1/12 Sabby is now available for pre-order! :)

- Some new dolls are now available for pre-order from XagaDoll! Milk (26cm), Ted (27cm Lara Body), Mini Ted (42cm), & Mini Ted SP (42cm).

The Impldoll 6th Anniversary event is up! Pre-order $330.00 worth of Impl products and get a free 1/6 doll! For complete information please view any Impl doll listing.

- Just a heads up to those of you who are planning on buying a DollZone or Doll Chateau doll in the near future. We are having a really hard time getting birth cards for dolls from these brands. They either send us the wrong birth cards or no birth cards at all. :p The good news is these cards do not contain any important information, (no serial # or anything), they are basically just a piece of paper with the dolls name, picture, and brand logo on it. If you want something to prove that your doll is legitimate these don't really do anything for you, as they can easily be copied. You can register your doll at our 'Sculpt Authenticity' page on our website though, and that will prove that your dolly is the real deal. ;)

September 3rd '15:

- Happy Labor Day everyone! We will be closed on Monday the 7th. All orders and layaway payments made over the long holiday weekend will be processed when we get back to work on Tuesday the 8th. Emails will be emailed to on the 8th as well. :)

September 1st '15:

- Aimerai has released their first QT Kid 1/12 doll; say hello to Olive! :) To celebrate the release Aim is having a QT Kids Debut Event! Spend $500 on Aim pre-orders and get Olive for free! This event CAN be combined with the current OZ event. For complete details please view any Aimerai doll listing on our website.

- 1/4 girl Sofair is now available from GEM of Doll! The 1/4 girl bodies are now also available for pre-order.

- Doll Chateau has released two new dolls on a new 1/6th body! Elsia and Betty are now available for preorder.

August 6th '15:

- Recently we have been experiencing shipping delays for Mr.Super Clear Spray. USPS has not been able to explain to us why ORMD labeled packages are so backed up, so we do not know when the delays will cease. If you order this product please be aware that it might take 3 - 4 weeks to receive. We highly recommend that customers order this product alone and add insurance to it. Thank you.

- Two new 70cm girls are now available from Impldoll! Introducing Sophia & Vanessa!

July 17th '15:

- Aimerai has released their newest QT Monster - The Jersey Devil! :)

- Two new crossover project dolls are now available from Code Noir! JollyPlus Noby - "Toy Clown" and "Pink Candy Bear", are now available for pre-order. These dolls are limited to 20 each worldwide.

-Doll Chateau's Arali and Lilly are now available for pre-order! Their new 74cm body can also be purchased separately.

July 13th '15:

-The LoongSoul Doll Summer Event is up! Earn free accessories for your doll, or a super fun Dragon Doggy! For full details please view any LSDoll doll listing.

July 9th '15:

-The Doll Chateau Summer Event is up! Earn a free 1/6 head, or an event doll for only $1.00! Please view any DC doll listing for complete details. MoC is also offering a face-up + body blushing for the event dolls for $75.00.

- DollZone has released a new version of 1/4 Benjamin. :)

- The following IslandDoll brands have a Summer Event! Norse Myth, Sense Circus, and Wind Doll. Dolls are 20% off! Please view a doll listing for complete details.

-The Doll Leaves Summer Event is up! Customers who place pre-orders can get a Free Noir Head, or a Free Face-up for their doll! Please view a D-Leaves doll listing for complete details. If you have any questions about this event please email us at info@mintoncardinc.com.

July 2nd '15:

- Fantasy Doll & Angel Street pre-ordering is turned on! We will be accepting pre-orders for these brands until July 23rd. After that date pre-ordering will be turned off again until we are ready to place another order.

- The Aimerai Summer Event has been listed! 15% off of all pre-ordered Accessories; Clothing, Shoes, Wigs, and Eyes! And yes, this includes Bellina the Hen!

- New LoongSoul Dolls are up! Now available for pre-order; Leon SP, Mia, Eloise, and Eloise - Human.

July 2nd '15:

- Doll Family - A has released a new 1/12 Pet Doll; Pumi the Pig!

June 29th '15:

- Aimerai's newest QT Monster is now available for pre-order! Say hello to The Yeti!:)

-MoC Face-up & Body Blushing services are now available for Event Dolls! The event dolls that are available for this service are posted on the sales page listing via check-out buttons. The list of dolls will change as new event dolls are announced, and as we sell out of stock event dolls. The current dolls available for MoC make-up are:

DollZone Mini Kitty
DollZone Angela
DollZone Heavy Rain
Doll Chateau Larry

- Just letting everyone know that we will be away from work starting at 4:00pm on Thursday the 2nd. We are taking a little time off to celebrate Independence Day. :) We'll be back to our regular working hours on Monday 6th.

- The Doll Family - A Summer Event is up! Get 15% off pre-ordered dolls, and a Free Bunny doll when you pre-order a 1/3 or 70cm doll.

-The ImplDoll Summer Event has begun! Spend at least $350.00 on ImplDoll products and get a 16cm doll for free! Please view any Impl doll listings for complete details. Also, Impl has released 2 new 1/6 dolls, Aiden & Giden.

June 26th '15:

-Just a heads up that DollZone has confirmed that they are discontinuing their Tan Skin resin. Our next order with DZ is on June 29th, that will be the last day customers can order DZ Tan Skin from us.

June 25th '15:

Lots of DollZone news today! Here we go:

-It appears that DZ is discontinuing their Tan Skin. We received an email that said "from 1-July,you can't purchase the tan skin,each doll". We are confirming with them if they are discontinuing Tan Skin for all dolls. Our next order is being submitted to DZ on June 29th, so that will be the last time Tan Skin will be available. We will post here again once we have heard back from DZ on this matter.

-DollZone is discounting 4 of their 1/12 dolls. You have until August 27th to pre-order Apple, Mango, Litchi, & Pineapple.

-The DZ Summer Event is now up! :) Customers who place pre-orders can earn a Free Angela Doll or Mini Kitty Doll. Please view a DZ doll listing on our website for details.

June 25th '15:

-The Angel Fantasy Summer Event has been listed! Get 15% off all pre-ordered dolls! Please view any AF doll listing for complete details.

June 15th '15:

- The GEM of Doll Summer Event is up!Customers who place pre-orders can get free make-up on basic dolls, and 10% off fullset dolls! Discounts are applied after check-out. Also, we have some GEM Squirrel pet dolls in stock. These are limited; once we have sold them we won't be getting any more!

- Doll Chateau 34cm Clara & Damara are now available for pre-order!

- GEM of Doll 17.5cm Yummy & Yutty are now available for pre-order.

- The newest doll from Aimerai is now available for pre-order! Introducing The Michigan Dogman!

May 21st '15:

-We will be leaving work early tomorrow, (Friday the 22nd), to start the Memorial Day Holiday weekend. We will be back to work on Tuesday the 26th. Any orders placed in the afternoon on the 22nd through the 25th will be processed on the 26th. We will start to reply to emails sent over the long weekend on the 26th, but if we are really backed up some emails might be replied to on the 27th. Have a lovely Memorial Weekend everyone!

- Aimerai Acrylic Eyes are now available for pre-order. :) There are 4 pairs to choose from now, all in the same size, (they fit the QT Monster series dolls). More eyes will slowly be released, and in other sizes as new dolls come out.

- ImplDoll has released a new doll; Nancy! :) Nancy is 32cm doll and on a new body.

May 18th '15:

- The newest doll from Aimerai is now available for pre-order! The Enfield Horror is the first doll in the 'QT Monster' Series. The next doll in the series should be available in about 4 - 6 weeks.

May 14th '15:

- Code Noir has released new 1/6 outfits! They are now available for pre-order. New Shoes & Wigs in various sizes are also available for pre-order.

- Aimerai has released two new 1/3 boys, Kenny & River. :)

- Little announcement; we will no longer allow any sort of custom ordering, (custom make-up, or default make-up/blushing switched from one sculpt to another), on LoongSoul Dolls. The company has a really hard time with this sort of request & regularly makes mistakes. Any sort of alternate make-up that is normally made available for a doll, (like Type A or Type B make-up), IS still available through us though.

May 7th '15:

- DollZone Benjamin is now available for pre-order! Benjamin is a head & demon egg ONLY, he has no body. We have listed him in the 1/4 doll section instead of the head section so that customers can find him easier. Benjamin is time limited, we are accepting orders for him until May 28th.

- We forgot to announce these two new cuties from GEM of Doll. 1/6 Cia and Lia are now available for pre-order.

May 4th '15:

- New dolls from Angell-Studio are now available for pre-order! Princess Cinderella (1/3), Prince Charming (70cm), Cendrillon (1/3), Filley (70cm), and Little Mouse (1/12 Pet), are all time limited and can be ordered until July 16th.

- New Impldoll 64cm Bernice and 72cm Tank are now available for pre-order. :)

- The Doll Love Spring Event is up! 10% off all pre-ordered dolls, make-up is included in the discount.

- The Only-Doll Spring Event has been listed! 10% off all pre-ordered dolls, make-up & fullsets are included in the discount! Only-Doll clothing, shoes, and wigs are also 10% off.

April 27th '15:

- We have an update about the dolls being discontinued by Doll Chateau. Two dolls that were not previously on the list are now on it; Cyril and Erwin. These dolls are on the 70cm boy body that is being discontinued, (A-body-02), so the dolls will not be available for purchase after May 14th. The Cyril and Erwin Heads are NOT being discontinued, so you will still be able to get the heads after the 14th.

-The Doll Leaves 5th Anniversary Event is up! Spend $195.00 worth of D-Leaves products are get a free Bella doll! :) See any Doll Leaves doll listing on our website for complete event information.

- Mr. Super Clear is back in stock, it can be found in the 'Other Supplies' category. :)

April 13th '15:

Doll Chateau is discontinuing some of their dolls, heads, and bodies.

Dolls & Heads:
Pierre, Chester, Merlin, Faust, Vivian, Lilith.

A-body-02, B-body-01, B-body-02.

Customers will have until May 14th to purchase the above products, (the cut-off time on the 14th is 4:00pm US ET). Once the deadline has passed these items will no longer be available to order.

***PLEASE NOTE: We do not know the fate of Cyril & Erwin yet. They are on the A-body-02 which IS being discontinued, but DC has not put these dolls on the discontinue list. We don't know if they meant to put the dolls on the list, or if they will continue selling them on a different body. As soon as we have an answer to that we will let you all know. Regardless, this is your last chance to get these dolls on the more affordable A-body-02 body!!!***

April 3rd '15:

-DollZone is discontinuing many of their 1/3 and 70cm boy dolls and bodies! The following DZ products are 22% off until April 29th:

Dolls & Heads:
Chen, Hong, Wing-2, Yue, Yuu-2, Brant, Cosmo, Memphis, Oliver, Byron, Floy, Herman, Jeremy, Joe, Louis, Mocha, Norris, Randall, Yi.

B72-001, B70-001, B70-002, B68-001, B65-001, B60-004.

For full info on the event please view a listing on our website of any of the products listed above. :)

March 13th '15:

-The new Aimerai Mao Series is up! 1/6 dolls Ali and Ina, & 1/4 doll Virginia are now available for pre-order. :) Virginia is on a new mini slim body, which is also available for pre-order. The MoC Aimerai event is still going on, (free shipping & DH goodie!), until April 3rd.

-Our first shipment of clothing from PrincessDoll is here! :)

March 5th '15:

- We have a rather disappointing announcement to make. We will no longer be carrying Illusion Spirit and Doll Family - H products. :( We have had a few frustrating back & fourths with this company, (both brands are owned & operated by the same person), over the years but what has happened this week was too much for us.

The short story is they haven't been making our orders. After submitting our most recent order, (and having an issue with that due to them neglecting to tell us that one of the bodies has been discontinued), we asked about our IS & DF-H orders that we are still waiting on. They said that they 'lost' the orders and needed us to re-send them. One of the orders is from October, and we've placed new orders since then, so we asked if the October order was fine/being made, and if they only needed the December orders. They said that they had not started working on October or December orders, they needed us to re-send all of them. With the way we were spoken to, (we were speaking with them live, not via email), it became clear to us that IS/DF-H does not care about our customers, which in turn are their own customers. :(

We are extremely disappointed and upset about this. We had no plans to stop carrying Illusion Spirit & Doll Family - H, but we honestly feel that we have no other option. We can't work with a company that isn't up front with us. Everyone who is waiting on an IS or DF-H order will receive an email today, (please do not email us unless you have not receive an email by Friday, and check your junk/spam folder please). You will be given the option to keep your order or cancel it for a full refund.

As of today Illusion Spirit & Doll Family-H pre-ordering has been turned off. ****** So there is no confusion; Doll Family - A is an entirely separate company from Doll Family - H, we have had zero problems with DF-A, so we will continue to carry them. :)*******

March 5th '15:

-We will have something special available for purchase come Monday! HaoQi Bags will be placed in stock in the afternoon on 3/9/2015! Regular bags are $30, (valued between $51.50 - $131.50), and Super bags are $65, (valued between $112.50 - $228.00). Customers are allowed ONE of each bag type. If we have not sold out of bags by the end of April then we will allow customers to purchase a 2nd bag. Since these bags have a combination of various products we had to just pick a category to put them in, we went with clothing. :) You can find the bags under 'BJD Clothing > MoC HaoQi Bags'.

February 23rd '15:

- We have a new policy regarding layaway orders. Customers can only have 3 active layaway orders with us at a time. Active layaway orders are orders that have not been paid off yet. Anyone who has more than 3 currently are fine, but as of today no one can have more than 3 active layaway's.


- Just as we were closing for CNY & inventory, Doll Chateau released a new doll; Snow Nymph. :) This doll is now available for pre-order, we will have her head listed in a few minutes.

February 9th '15:

-Aimerai clothing, shoes, wigs, eyes, and accessories are now available for pre-order! :) Accessories can be found under 'Aimerai Clothing > Accessories'.

-New 1/4 dolls are now available from Doll Leaves! Introducing P - Pepper, I- Ida, and J - Jenny! :) In addition to this news D-Leaves is also offering a promotional event for spring; spend $190.00 on D-Leaves pre-orders and you can earn a free Alex event doll! Full info about this event can be found any any Doll Leaves doll listing on our website.

February 3rd '15:

- The Mint on Card Aimerai Event is up! Free shipping on dolls + a free DollHeart wig or shoes! :) In-stock dolls, as well as pre-ordered dolls, qualify for this promotion. All gifts are in-hand, so if you order an in-stock doll it can ship out right away. For complete info on this event please view any Aimerai doll listing.

February 2nd '15:

Chinese New Year is fast approaching, and with that we have announcements:

- Online shopping will be turned off starting on Friday the 13th, (Ooooo...spooky! Teehee), and will resume on Sunday the 22nd. This is to give our staff time to do inventory without interruption, and also allow owners Jim & Lindsey a break for the Chinese New Year holiday. :) If we are able to get through inventory prior to the 22nd then we will turn online shopping back on earlier. While we are closed we will still be processing layaway payments.

- This is a friendly reminder that orders placed during Spring Events take much longer to receive than orders placed throughout the rest of the year. All of the companies that we work with take a *minimum* of 1 week off, but most take 2 weeks off, with most casting companies taking an entire month off. This causes delays with orders. If you are placing an order this month please keep this delay in mind. Thanks!

January 29th '15:

- The Angel Fantasy Spring Event is up! Customers who pre-order a doll will get 15% off + a free head! Please view any AF doll listing on our website for more details.

The GEM of Doll Spring Event is up! Get 10% off dolls, (including FullSets!), plus free body blushing if you order a FullSet doll. Please view any GEM doll listing on our website for more details.

Angell-Studio 62cm dolls Wang Chiang & Hong Yu are now available for pre-order. :)

January 26th '15:

- The Doll Chateau Spring Event is up! :) Customers who place a pre-order worth at least $449.00 can get a Larry doll for only $1.00! Larry is also available for purchase. *Please note - DC has Larry listed as available for purchase until March 31st, but they have their Spring Event ending on March 20th their time. We can't submit an order to time with the event end-date and then also submit another one only 1 week later to time with the end-date for Larry, so sales for Larry will be ending on March 19th our time, (March 20th where DC is).

We have a few changes to announce:

-Fantasy Doll and HZ are going to be stock only soon, meaning we will not be accepting pre-orders for these brands anymore. You still have some time to place pre-orders for Fantasy Doll and HZ, (clothing only), before this goes into effect. The last day for Fantasy Doll pre-orders is March 11th. The last day for HZ is March 4th.

-We will no longer be carrying Akagi Doll. The company managed to forget about our last two orders and never made them. :p Because of this we do not feel comfortable working with them. Everyone who has an Akagi Doll pre-order with us will be emailed today and given a full refund.

January 22nd '15:

- The Aimerai Winter Event ends next week, (Friday the 30th)! It's your last chance to earn a free Mr. Snowman, or to purchase him.

The Illusion Spirit Event is up! Illusion Spirit is discontinuing their current line of dolls and will be releasing new dolls in a few months. All 70cm & 1/3 Dolls and Bodies are now 30% off, and all 1/4, 1/6, & 1/12 Dolls and Bodies are 20%off. Parts are 20% off as well. Please view any Illusion Spirit doll listing on our website for complete information on this event.

Two new 1/6 dolls from DollZone, Gino & Heather are now available for pre-order. :)

January 19th '15:

-The Mint on Card Face-up Service is now available! :) You can find the listings on our website under 'BJD Supplies > MoC Face-up Services'. We are offing face-ups for 70cm, 1/3, 1/4, and 1/6 dolls. If you are wanting a MoC face-up it should be ordered at the same time, (same order), as your blank doll, BUT if you currently have a blank doll in layaway with us, or are waiting for a blank doll that is a pre-order, you are welcome to order a face-up for it.  Please note in the Comments Box at check-out the order # that your blank doll is in, (and which doll you want painted if there is more than 1 in the order). Please be sure to read everything within the listing before placing your face-up order, and if you have any questions email us at Info@mintoncardinc.com!:)

January 16th '15:

-Some not-so-great news. :p After we submitted our first order to Little Monica they changed the terms that were agreed upon when we negotiated a contract with them, because of this we can no longer work with them. Everyone who placed a Little Monica pre-order with us has been emailed and fully refunded. The pre-order option for Little Monica products has been turned off on our website, we will take all of the listings down next week. Sorry everyone. :(

-The DollZone Spring Event is up! Customers can get a free silicon cap for every doll, doll body, and doll head that they purchase. In addition to this spending a certain amount can get you a free Carter-1 Head, Heavy Rain doll, or Big Dipper doll! Big Dipper is also available for purchase for a limited time. For complete details on this event please view any DZ doll listing on our website.

Doll Chateau 1/4 dolls Irma and Delia are now available for pre-order!

The Doll Family - A Spring Event is up! 15% off of all dolls!!! Plus if you pre-order a 1/3 or 70cm doll you also get a free Bunny doll! Customers who pre-order a 1/3 or 70cm Body will get a free 70cm Event Head. This head is only available via the event and is not for sale. Please view any DF-A doll page on our website for full details.

January 12th '15:

-New dolls from XagaDoll! Limited edition 1/3 Phoebe & Zenobia. They are limited to 40 worldwide and are available as FullSets.

The new LoongSoul Doll limited are up! Auguste (80cm) and Annabel (69) are limited to 50 dolls worldwide.

In-house basic face-ups are soon going to be available to anyone who orders a blank doll from us! We'll be posting listings soon explaining more about these services!

January 8th '15:

- The weather is only getting worse here! :p We have come into work today for a few hours so that we can process orders, and get yesterdays orders mailed out. We will likely be coming into work late tomorrow, (the 9th), as we will have to dig out of our houses and drive very slowly in order to get to work safely. Having less time at work unfortunately means that we will get less done. We thank you all for your continued patience. :)

January 7th '15:

-We are experiencing some terrible weather here in TC. Because of low visibility we will not be doing the mail run today, and we will be leaving work early so that everyone can be home before it gets dark outside. We'll be sure to get everything mailed out tomorrow that we didn't mail out today. Thank you everyone for your patience!

The new DollZone girls, Riven & Minas, are up! They come on a new body, NB58-002. The dolls wigs are only available with their fullsets. Minas outfit can be ordered separately, but Riven's is only available with the fullset.

January 6th '15:

-Angell-Studio 1/3 girls, Elizabeth and Victoria are now available for pre-order! The Armor versions of these dolls are limited to 88 worldwide, the normal versions are time limited, they are available for purchase until April 16th.

Our store front is now open by appointment only. We came to this decision for various reasons, currently it seems like the best thing for us to do in order to fulfill online orders quickly and correctly. Our store will remain set-up as it always has; dolls on display, tables and chairs for visitors, dolly accessories out & available for people to try on their dolls. Customers will just have to get a hold of us before stopping by as we need to ensure that we will have enough staff on hand to help with your shopping experience.

December 30th '14:

- The holidays are not over yet! We will be closing tomorrow, (Wed the 31st), at 3:30 US ET for the New Year holiday. We will be back to work on Monday the 5th. We are still a little short staffed right now because of the Christmas holiday, but we are doing our best to keep up with orders & emails. New doll listings will have to take a back seat until we are caught up, but we will be carrying the new items that DollZone, Angell-Studio, etc, have announced

December 19th '14:

-We are happy to announce that we are now an official dealer for Little Monica! This is the first Korean brand of BJD's that we have offered on our site. We're giving away Triple Munie points on all Little Monica doll, doll body, head, and part purchases until January 14th! View any Little Monica listing on our website for details. More Little Monica products, (clothes, shoes, wigs, etc), will be added to our site over the next few weeks.

- Just a heads up! GEM of Doll will be increasing their prices after the current promotional event is over, (Jan 5th). They haven't told us how much the prices will increase, but as soon as we know we will pass it on to you!

December 10th '14:

-The Aimerai Winter Event is up! Customers who order $400+ worth of Aimerai products can earn a free Mr. Snowman Doll! When ordering through Mint on Card in-stock orders DO count for this event! The items in your order can be pre-orders, in-stock, or a combination of both. Mr. Snowman is also available for purchase. This event, and the sale of Mr. Snowman, runs until January 30th. Please view any Aimerai doll listing on our website for more details.

Angell-Studio 1/3 girl 'Cynthia - Ahri Version (DL314072G)' is now available for pre-order!

December 5th '14:

LOTS of Winter Events to Announce! :) Here we go.......

-Doll Family - A: 12% off dolls & doll bodies, plus if you purchase a 1/3 or 70cm doll you get a Bunny doll for free! Please view any DF-A doll listing on our website for more details.

-Only-Doll: 10% off of dolls, doll bodies, clothes, shoes, and wigs + free make-up when you order a doll with make-up! Please view any Only-Doll listing for more details.

-Doll Love: 10% off dolls & doll bodies + free make-up when you order a doll with make-up! Please view a Doll Love doll listing for more details.

GEM of Doll: Customers can get a free Little Bird, Free Squirrel Doll, or a Free Head! Please view any GEM listing on our website for details.

Doll Family - H: Pre-ordering has been turned back on for this brand! New dolls are listed and the Christmas Event has been posted! Customers who place pre-orders can receive 10% off any doll + free make-up for their doll OR a free head! Jointed hands are discounted as well, and it's your last chance to get them because they are being discontinued. Nab them while you can! For complete details on the DF-H Christmas Event please view a DF-H doll listing.

December 1st '14:

- Aimerai has released 5 new dolls! 1/3 Boy Nick Chopper, 1/4 Girls Dorothy & Ozma, and 1/4 Boys Prince Inga & Tip. The Aimerai Winter Event should be announced by next week.

- Just a friendly reminder that our shop in Traverse City Michigan is open on Saturdays during the month of December! :) We are open from 10:30am - 3:30pm.

November 26th '14:

-We are closing for the Thanksgiving holiday. Online ordering will be open, but our store front will be closed, and we will not be processing online orders or replying to emails until be are back from our break. We'll be back to work on Monday December 1st. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

November 19th '14:

- Need your order shipped in time for Christmas? Below is a list of of the last days parcels can be shipped and make it to their destination in time for the holiday:
  • December 2nd: USPS International First Class Post for Africa and Central & South America.
  • December 9th: USPS International First Class Post for all other non-US destinations.
  • December 12th: FedEx Express International for countries other than the U.S.A and Canada.
  • December 17th - 19th: FedEx Home Ground or Commercial; the 17th for non-continental states and very rural areas, the 19th for most other locations.
  • December 19th: FedEx Express International for Canada.
  • December 20th: USPS First Class Post within the continental United States.
 Please remember that the day you place your order is not necessarily the day your order will ship, so you will want to place your order a few days before the dates listed above! Also, we can not guarantee that your order will reach you in time for the holiday, the above dates are what were provided by the shipping carriers, we can't hold them to them.

-Angel Fantasy is having a Holiday Event! 15% off dolls + a free wig! Please view any Angel Fantasy doll listing on our website for details. :)

November 14th '14:

-The Doll Chateau Christmas Event is now up! Customers who place pre-orders valued at $499.00 or higher can get a Beatice or Nehemie for only $1.00! For complete details please view any DC doll listing on our website.

The Doll Leaves Christmas Event has started! Customers who place pre-orders can earn a Free Doll Head or Free Jointed Hands! Please view any Doll Leaves doll listing for details. Doll Leaves has also released two new 1/4 Limited Edition Dolls; Amara - Gray Skin, and Puppet-03.

GEM of Doll new 1/3 girl Snowy & 1/3 boy Bat are now available for pre-order! We are still waiting for Bat's body pictures from GEM, as soon as we have them we will update his listing.

November 10th '14:

- DollHeart Fukubukuro bags are available for pre-order again!

- Only-Doll has released 5 new dolls. 1/6 Leila (girl), and 1/4 Edmund (boy), Lucy (girl), QingTong (girl), & ZiLi (boy). The Only-Doll Fall Event is still going on, so you can get these new lovelies at a discount!

November 7th '14:

- RingDoll 70cm Boyce - Human and Boyce - Werewolf are now available for pre-order! The Werewolf version of Boyce is time limited, pre-orders are being accepted until December 30th.

November 5th '14:

-The DollZone Christmas Event has started! Free event dolls, (size 14cm - 16cm), are being offered for orders $500.00 and up! For full details please view any DollZone doll listing on our website.

-New LoongSoul Doll limited edition 1/4 dolls NianTong & BaiLing are now available for pre-order. BaiLing is only available as a FullSet doll. NianTong is available as a basic doll, as well as with FullSet items. Please be aware that the horns pictured on NianTong are NOT included with him, and they are not available for purchase separately either.

October 28th '14:

- Doll Family - A has released two new 1/3 boys, and four new 1/12 Pet Dolls!

-Kai (Cat)
-Nei (Cat)
-Rui (Cat)

To celebrate the release of the new Pet Dolls Doll Family - A is offering them at a special discount for a short period of time. You can get these new cuties for as low at $72.00!!! The discount is available until November 6th. For full details please visit one of the new 1/12 Pet Doll listings on our website.

October 15th '14:

- Due to no communication from DikaDoll since early summer, (they are not replying to our emails or QQ messages), we have decided to stop carrying the brand. All customers who are waiting on pre-orders have been emailed and fully refunded. We don't expect to be getting the dolls & items that we have been waiting on, so only the current stock that we have is available for purchase on our website:

Ruber (vampire)
Berry (Girl)
Peach (Girl)
Blanca Head
Edime Head
LingRi / LingYue Head
Monica Head
Yolanda Head

All dolls still in stock will be discounted. Our store display dolls might be listed later with a bigger discount.

September 15th '14:

- We are at Dollism Plus! Orders will still be processed while we are away, but orders will not be shipped between the 17th - 23rd. We will resume shipping orders on the 24th. Thank you for  your patience. :)

September 2nd '14:

- The pre-order option for RingDoll has been turned off because we are having some communication issues with the company right now. In-stock items can still be purchased, but pre-orders can not be placed.

August 29th '14:

- Happy Labor Day everyone! We will be closed for the long holiday weekend. Any emails sent to us during the holiday break will be replied to on Tuesday the 2nd. Orders placed during the break will be processed on the 2nd as well.

August 28th '14:

- Reminder to those of you who use our Layaway program; starting in September there will be a $5.00 late fee charge for payments that are 10 or more days late.

August 27th '14:

- We want to let everyone know that Doll Family - H pre-ordering is ceased until all of the new dolls are released. DF-H will not be accepting orders again until the new dolls are available in late October/early November.

July 28th '14:

- Lindsey along with a partner in Hong Kong has released a new BJD line; Aimerai! The first wave of dolls, (three 1/3 dolls & two 1/6 dolls), are now available for pre-order. The second wave of dolls will be available in the next few months, (1/4 & 1/3), and eventually bodies, heads, & clothes will be sold separately.

- Still trying to catch-up from our China trip, thank you for your patience everyone! The following brands now have Summer Events listed on our website:
Doll Love
Doll Leaves

June 26th '14:

- Our online shop will be closed for ordering from July 9th - July 24th. Jim & Lindsey will be in China on business and we are already short staffed, (hence the hiring announcement), so we will not have enough people available to process & ship orders. Layaway payments will still be processed & emails answered, and our Store Front will remain open so those of you vacationing in the area will still be able to visit us. :)  Online shopping will be turned back on before noon ET on July 24th.

June 25th '14:

-WE ARE HIRING! We need to fill a full-time sales associate position, we are looking for someone who is computer literate and detailed oriented. Responsibilities include:

-Answering customer emails & phone calls
-Processing Domestic & Foreign orders 
-Packing orders
-Photo taking, (nothing professional)

There are other shared responsibilities as well, such as mail run, recycling run, & store cleaning.

Some of the benefits working at MoC are:

-Flexible hours
-Weekends off
-Paid holidays
-Paid personal days
-Discounts on merchandise
-Children under 3 can come to work, (provided that are not too much of a distraction).

 The open position will be filled in early August. An application can be found here:


Please *snail mail* to:

Mint on Card, Inc
511 E Eighth Street
Suite A
Traverse City, MI 49686

June 23rd '14:

-We've got our first Charm Doll stock in! 70cm Jianli and 66cm Anna are now in stock.

-Angel Fantasy has been stocked, including elf dolls Winni & Eli. We have added 'In Real Life' pictures of Winni to her listing.

-We just place a large order for new M-Style shoes, as well as re-stock! Some of the shoes that we have been carrying over the years are no longer available from M-Style, those shoes are now marked as *Last Chance!* on our website. Once those shoes are sold we will not be able to stock them again. Get them while you can!

June 16th '14:

- Doll Family - H is discontinuing most of their dolls and some of their bodies! The only dolls that are NOT being discontinued are LingFeng, Lyndon, XiaNuo, and ZhiLing. All dolls, (even the ones not being discontinued), are available at a 12% discount until August 27th. 1/4, 1/3, & 70cm doll pre-orders also get a free pair of jointed hands and a free head! For full details please view any DF-H doll listing on our website.

June 2nd '14:

- Our store front will be closed on the following dates while we attend Doll-AKon in Dallas: June 5th, 6th, & 9th. Due to lack of staff we will not be doing mail run on these dates, so orders placed while we are away will begin to ship out on Tuesday the 10th. We will still be processing orders & layaway payments on these dates, as well as answering emails, we will just be a tiny bit slower than usual. We thank you for your patience.

- Limited Edition LoongSoul Doll 69cm girls MeiJi and QingLi are now available for pre-order.

May 28th '14:

- We have some DollZone Coral and Eudora's in stock! It's your last chance to nab one!

Angell-Studio 65cm boy David is now available for pre-order, he can be found in the 1/3 category. :)

Akagi Doll practice heads Little Lan & Little Ban are now available for pre-order! These heads are half the price of all of their other 1/3 heads, and are only available blank.

May 23rd '14:

-There will be a change to our Layaway Policy come fall. If customers are 10 days late with payment there will be a $5 late fee applied to their payment. We have been thinking of implementing this for over a year, but we kept putting it off because we really did not want to have to make this policy change. Late payments have been a growing problem however, so now we feel that this policy change needs to be done. The late fee policy will not go into effect until September.

- Our Store Front will be closed Saturday - Monday for the Memorial Weekend Holiday. Online orders will be processed on Tuesday the 27th, and any emails sent over then weekend will be replied to on Tuesday as well.

April 30th '14:

- Doll Chateau is discontinuing some of their 1/3 girls, body K-body-03, and the current line-up of clothing. If you purchase one of the dolls being discontinued you will get an outfit for free! For full details, (and a list of all dolls being discontinued), please view any DC doll listing on our website.

April 28th '14:

-Doll Family - A is having a Spring Event! :) Customers who place a pre-order can earn a free 16cm JiMing or NingNing, and get 10% off 1/6 and 1/12 dolls! Please visit any DF-A doll listing on our website for details.

April 24th '14:

-RingDoll Lucifer-Arios and Lucifer-Basic are now available for pre-order. :)

Only-Doll has released new 1/4 dolls; Ting, Ting - Sleepy, and Jun.

The Only-Doll & Doll Love Spring Events are now up! Get 10% dolls & clothes from Only-Doll, and 10% off dolls from Doll Love! Full details can be found on O-D and D-Love doll listings on our website.

-Ruby Red Galleria has released two new Honee-B's, The Little Twin Prince & The Little Twin Princess. Both dolls are now available for pre-order.

- Dear Customers; One thing is very apparent to everyone at MoC, most doll companies are struggling to keep up with 'peak season' orders, (orders placed Dec - Feb). Not only are orders taking longer than usual, (though peak season orders always do take longer to fill), we are also experiencing more mistakes from doll companies. We don't know if this is because they are scurrying to complete orders, or if there are just a lot of new hires, but we're guessing that it is a little bit of both. We've been getting dolls with make-up that should have been blank, dolls with the wrong body, outfits missing pieces, etc. In the last 6 weeks we received 2 shipments from 2 different doll companies that didn't even belong to us! We had to waste our time opening every doll, look them over, make a list, and send it to each company so that they could figure out who the parcels belonged to, and from there we mailed the parcels out to the correct businesses. We are not bringing this to your attention to worry you, please don't, we will always take care of your order. We simply want you all to know that we are trying our best to get your orders to you quickly and correctly. We are *very* clear with doll companies when we place our orders. We created a program that directly takes a customer order and adds it to a company order. It includes a picture of each product along with the products name & description. If there are any special requests/customization it is also included and is noted in BOLD red to ensure that the BJD company doesn't miss it. We carefully look over every invoice to make sure that the doll company didn't miss anything. But mistakes still happen, and they always will because we are all human, but recently the mistakes have noticeably increased. We are very sorry about that, we are doing everything we can to ensure items are received as they were ordered. This is not only in our customers best interest but in ours as well, when things arrive as they should it is less work for us, we get to go home on time. Thank you everyone for your continued patience, and to any of you who end up with an order that did not arrive to us exactly as it should please know that we will make it right. Thank you. :)

February 18th '14:

- Our Sculpt Authenticity Registration is up! If you purchased a doll, doll head, doll body, or doll part from MoC you can now register it on our website. FAQ's are listed on the registration page, but if you have any additional questions please email us at info@mintoncardinc.com


Just a reminder that Jim & Lindsey will be in China on business for a few weeks in March. We will be closing the shop while they are away, and inventory will be done at that time. We'll be closed from March 4th - March 24th. All online and in-store shopping will cease at that time, but we will still be processing layaway payments, processing arriving shipments, mailing pre-orders arrivals, and answering emails.

September 4th '13:

Further explanation for the long pre-order waits. Several BJD companies have told us that they are having trouble filling open positions within their companies. Wages in China have increased a lot for the last couple of years, this year in particular. What is happening there is familiar to what has happened in other countries; the economy improves, wages increase, and people leave labor intensive jobs for less labor intensive job, or a desk job. Asleep Eidolon, Xaga Doll, LoongSoul Doll, and DikaDoll are all having trouble finding workers.

No one wants to sand dolls for a living.

It's hard tedious work, and usually in uncomfortable conditions. AE has raised the pay for sanding jobs 3 times in the last 8 months, but things have still not improved for them. AE is more popular then ever. Orders have been large, that is usually good news for a company, but it is daunting when you don't have enough workers to get the orders done in a timely fashion. These companies are stuck with only a few choices:

  • Increase wages to a point that their dolls become out of reach for many people, (price wise).
  • Move their entire company to a different region that has more workers who are willing to take on sanding jobs.
  • Stop offering sanding altogether.
  • Charge for sanding.

Any of these decisions could negatively impact their business. Customers might stop buying if prices get too high. If the company moves it will cost them money, loss of orders during the move, and with time they will likely find themselves in the same situation again that they are in now. If they stop offering sanding then customers might choose to go with a BJD brand that does offer it. If they charge for sanding, that adds to the cost of the doll and make it look less appealing price wise, (people never like having something that was once free 'taken away' from them). Traditionally Chinese BJD's always come sanded, so that is why not sanding them does not really feel like an option to most of these brands.

As of right now we do not know what these companies will ultimately choose to do, but your opinion could help them decide. They can easily get the opinions of the domestic Chinese market, but they need our, (your), help to know what the rest of the BJD hobbyists think. Please join our discussion on facebook with your opinions. Thank you. :)

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