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RD Rc70-4
RD Rc70-4
RD Rc70-4

RD Rc70-4


RingDoll 70+cm grown boy outfit Rc70-4. Shoes are not included.

RingDoll pre-orders can take up to 40 weeks to receive. If you are not prepared for a long wait for your order please do not place a pre-order, purchase an in-stock item instead. Thank You!

About Pre-Ordering:  ***PLEASE READ***  Pre-orders take 18 - 40 weeks to receive once they are submitted to the manufacturer. The wait time is no different whether you order an outfit, accessory, or a doll. On occasion RD runs out of stock of some items and forgets to tell us until after we have submitted an order. If an item you ordered ends up being out of stock we will contact you and refund your money. Although we list an average wait time for pre-orders, we do not guarantee that pre-orders will be received within that time frame. If we do not receive pre-orders within 40 weeks of the order submission date then a refund will be available to you. Please note that pre-ordered products that are altered in any way, (example; doll body/gender switch, make-up altered, etc), are not eligible for a refund unless we are unable to obtain the product. Please understand that wait times vary depending on the time of year and if there is a promotion going on. There is no way for us to know exactly how long it will take to receive your purchase, please keep this in mind when placing your order! Be aware that none of the BJD companies that we work with provide us with order updates, hence we can not provide status updates to our customers. All customers with pre-orders will receive emails when their order is on the way to us from the doll company(s), again when we have received their order, and again when their order is being shipped out to them. If you pre-order, the date you see listed below in orange is the date that your order will be submitted to RingDoll. Please note - Once your order is submitted to RingDoll it can not be canceled, or altered, for any reason! In stock orders ship in 1 - 4 business days.

Pre-Orders will be submitted to RingDoll on:  June 30th, 4:00pm US Eastern Time. 

RingDoll, Clothing, $89.00
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