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we are no longer accepting layaway orders.

How to Place a Layaway Order:

- Your order must be valued at a minimum of $100.00 before shipping.

- You will be required to have an account with us. This is so you can view the progress of your layaway from your account page.

- You can choose from 2 to 6 monthly payments. We will take your total owed and divide it by the number of payments you select. Example; if your order is $220.00 and you chose a 5 month layaway you would owe $44.00 each month.

- Your first monthly payment is due when you place your order, this first payment counts as your deposit. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

- When you are ready to place a layaway order login to your account, shop on the site as usual, view your shopping cart, then select 'Check-out Layaway Order'. On the 2nd page of the check-out form you will be able to select the number of payments you would like to make, and you will be shown how much you will owe each month.

- You are allowed to have up to three (3) active layaway orders as a time. An active layaway order is an order that payments are still being made on. If a you have 3 active layaway orders, and you place a new layaway order, we will not process your new layaway. Instead we will email you and ask if you would like to cancel your new layaway, or immediately pay it in full. If you have 2 active layaway orders, and 1 inactive that has not yet shipped, (example, you paid the layaway off but are still waiting for a pre-order in it to arrive), you CAN place a new layaway order.


- For a list of payment methods please see our 
Store Policies page.

- If you choose to pay via credit/debit card your card will be securely kept on file for the duration of your layaway. With the exception of your first payment, we will NOT charge your card until we have your approval each month. Once your layaway is completed your card information will be deleted. You are also welcome to change your method of payment at any time. Credit/debit card information can be changed on your account page.

- Your first payment will be owed when you place your order, each payment after that will be due every 30 days. You will receive an auto-email reminder 2 days before your payment is due. When it's time to make a payment you will need to email us to confirm that you want your credit/debit card charged, or that your money order has been sent.

- If we haven't received your approval 10 days after your payment due date then another auto-email will be sent to you reminding you that your payment is due. There will be a $5.00 late fee applied to late monthly payments. If you receive an auto-email stating that your payment is 10 days late, then you will be charged an additional $5.00 along with the amount due that month. 

- We only charge layaway payments on weekdays, so if your payment due date lands on a weekend or holiday excpect your payment to be charged the following business day.

- Once the first payment for your layaway has been charged/received your layaway order can not be altered in any way. Items can not be added or removed from a layaway order.

- You are welcome to pay any amount you want each month so long as you pay the minimum due. Payments can be made early at anytime, but the minimum amount is require for each payment, nothing less can be accepted. When payments are made early the next months payment due date does not change, it will remain the same. Example: your next two payments are due on July 30th and August 30th, you decide to pay your July payment early on July 2nd, your August payment will NOT jump up to August 2nd, it will remain on August 30th. Layaway's can also be paid off early in full at any time. To make a payment early, or pay your layaway off in full, just email us at layawayorders@mintoncardinc.com and be sure to include your order number.

- To confirm that your monthly payment has been charged/received please visit your account page. You can view the details of your payments by clicking on your order #.

- Remember, you are responsible for contacting us about making your payment! Being 30 days late with a payment and claiming "I didn't see the email reminder" is not a reasonable excuse! You are always able to see your payment due date on your account page; mark that date on your calendar if you think you will forget it! "I didn't have internet access, so I couldn't email you" is not a reasonable excuse either, if you can't email us call us, 231-944-6904. The number is primarily meant for local customers, but by all means call us if you need to approve your payment, just be aware that if you leave a message we will not be able to call you back as we don't have long distance. ;)


- When the status of your order on your account page changes from 'Layaway order is in progress' to 'Payment Received' then that means your layaway has been completely paid off! If all of your layaway items were in stock when you placed your order then they will ship out within a couple of days. If there were any pre-order items included with your layaway then we will email you to confirm if your pre-order item(s) have arrived and are ready to be shipped to you. Whenever your order ships you will receive an email.

- Customers are responsible for making certain that the shipping address for their layaway order is current and correct. Mint on Card will not be accountable if your parcel is delivered to the wrong address due to customer error. If you need to change the shipping address for your order please email us, we will update the shipping address on your order.

- For information on shipping methods please see our 
Store Policies page.

Cancelations & Forfeits:

- If you wish to cancel your layaway order your first payment, (deposit), will be forfeited. The remainder of what you have paid will be refunded to you so long as your layaway items were all 'in stock' items. Please note: Pre-ordered layaway items/dolls can not be canceled! If you discontinue making payments for your pre-ordered layaway items then you will forfeit all of the payments that you have made towards it.

- Layaway orders can not be partially canceled, meaning you can not cancel some of the items on your layaway, but keep others. If you intend on canceling your layaway order, every item within the layaway will be canceled. Cancellations are not allowed for layaways containing pre-order items. 

- If a customer fails to contact us to approve payment within the 30 day grace period their layaway order will be canceled and all payments made toward it will be forfieted. NO EXCEPTIONS! Customers who have failed to approve their payment and have had their order canceled will no longer be allowed to place layaway orders with Mint on Card.

Loss of Layaway Privileges

- Customers who are regularly late with their layaway payments will lose the ability to place future layaway orders, (but they will still be able to place standard orders). Being a little late once or twice is OK, but being substantially late on payments is not! What is substantially late? Nine (9) days or more.

- Customers who have had a layaway order canceled in the past either due to failure of payment, no longer wanting the order & choosing to cancel, or failure to accept MoC's policies, will not be able to place future layaway orders.


Ask! :) If you don't understand something within our Layaway Policy, or our 
Store Policies, then please contact us. Asking questions is encouraged; when making a big purchase it's good to fully understand what you are doing and agreeing to. :)

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