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We accept the following credit & debit cards via our secure server:


Please note - we do not accept paypal!

Order Policy (All Orders):

Customers should be aware of the following when placing their order:
  • At check-out customers are required to check a box indicating that they have read, adhere to, and understand Mint on Card's store policies.

  • When placing an order all items will be shipped together. We can NOT split up orders! Please do not ask us to ship your in-stock items out before your pre-order items have arrived. If there are both in stock and pre-order items in a single order, the customer's in stock items will be held until the pre-order items have arrived and are ready to ship. It's recommended that customers order their pre-order items seperetly from their in stock items if they want their in stock items shipped right away.

    The same policy applies to orders containing pre-orders from multiple brands. If some of your pre-orders have arrive, and some have not, we will not split up your order and mail out the items that are here. All items must be in-hand before we will mail out an order.

  • Credit cards are processed manually, not automatically via a program. Customers who pay with a credit card should not excpect to see their card charged immediately after they place their order. Customers can see when their card has been charged on their account page, (if they have one and were logged in when they placed their order). Customers who pay via Money Order will be emailed when their payment is received.

  • When placing an order the country of the billing address, and the country of the shipping address, must be the same. The addresses themselves do not need to match, only the country. This policy is in place to reduce fraudulent purchases, we are sorry for any inconvenience.

  • In stock orders ship out within 1 - 4 business days of receiving payment. Orders are only shipped out on weekdays. Shipping will not occur during Holidays and on dates when we are attending conventions or taking business related trips. Customers will be notified of our absence via the Mint on Card News page, Facebook page, and website front page billboard.

  • Customers are emailed a receipt after placing an order, and are again emailed when their order has shipped. Customers who have placed a pre-order will be contacted when their order is on it's way to us from the manufacturer, again when it has been received by us, and again when it has been shipped out to them. Customers who placed an order but did not receive a receipt in their inbox should check their email spam/junk folder for the receipt. If it is not there please email us and we will provide you with your receipt.

  • Any questions that a customer may have about a product or policy should be asked before they place their order. Answers to frequently asked questions can be found at the FAQ's page. For answers to questions that can not be found there please email us.

Pre-Order Policy:

Customers should be aware of the following when placing a pre-order:
  • All of the above Order Policy information applies to orders containing pre-order items.

  • If an item is a pre-order that means that is is NOT in-stock. We do not have the item on hand, it has to be ordered with the manufacturer and shipped to us.

  • Items that are only available as a pre-order are marked as such on the listings check out button. The check-out button will read "Pre-Order Add To Cart".

  • When viewing your shopping cart all items that are pre-orders will be marked as such. You will see the item name and beside it "(Pre-Order)" in bold.

  • The date that you submit an order containing a pre-order item is not necessarily the same date that your pre-order is submitted to the manufacturer. All pre-orders are sent to the manufacturer on a predetermined date, this date can be found on all pre-order listings in bold orange. The date that you see listed in orange is the date that your order will be submitted to the manufacturer.

  • Pre-Orders are charged in full, this is because we have to pay the manufacturer in full before they will make your custom doll and/or accessory. Customers who are uncomfortable with this are welcome to place a layaway order, this ordering method will allow you to place a pre-order but make monthly payments instead of paying for your order all up front. Please read our Layaway Policy page for more information.

  • Once a pre-order has been submitted to the manufacturer it can not be canceled, or altered, for any reason.

  • All pre-ordered items need to be processed and made by the manufacturer, this takes time. Every pre-order listing on our site lists the average wait time for pre-orders from that particular manufacturer. Please understand that wait times vary depending on the time of year and if there is a promotion going on. There is no way for us to know exactly how long it will take to receive your purchase, please keep this in mind when placing your order.

  • If pre-orders are not shipped to us within the estimated time frame, (27 weeks for most brands, 40 for others), then customers are eligible for a refund. Refunds are not available prior to 27 weeks, (or 40 weeks in some cases). The estimated time frame for pre-order items is listed in bright red on every product page. Please Note - pre-orders that have been altered/customized in any way, (example; body switch, make-up color altered, etc), are not eligible for a refund unless we are unable to obtain the product. Examples of not being able to obtain the product are; the manufacturer has has stopped communicating with us, the manufacturer has gone out of business, etc. A long wait does not equate to us not being able to get the product, sometimes customized items simply take a great deal of time. If it does appear that the product can not be obtained then a full refund will be issued.

  • None of the BJD companies that we work with provide us with order updates, hence we can not provide status updates to our customers.

  • All customers with pre-orders will receive an email when their order is on the way to us from the doll company/manufacturer, again when we have received their order, and again when their order is being shipped out to them.

  • Any questions a customer may have about a product or policy should be asked BEFORE they place their pre-order. Please do NOT ask questions about your order in the Comments Box at check-out, it will slow down the processing of your order! Answers to frequently asked questions can be found at the FAQ's page. For answers to questions that can not be found there please email us.

  • Understand that it is a long wait for a pre-order! If you are not a patient person, please do not place a order containing a pre-order item in it!


Some countries only have the USPS International First Class Post shipping option, (with the $150.00 value limit). A list of countries can be found here. Please note that counties on this list can not place layaway orders, as those orders are only shipped via FedEx.

USPS First Class International
Shipping time varies, there is no estimated delivery time provided by USPS. First Class Post packages do not include tracking and can not be insured, any loss or damage is taken at your own risk if you choose this shipping method! Packages over a certain weight and/or valued at $150.00 or higher will not have First Class Post as a shipping option. All packages are declared at full value and marked as merchandise, no exceptions. Customers are responsible for any import taxes or fees that their government may charge.

Layaway orders can only be shipped via FedEx, First Class Post is not available.

FedEx International:
Shipping time is 6 - 10 business days on average, however this depends on your location and if customs investigates your package or not. FedEx parcels are insured and include a tracking number. A signature is required for delivery, this is FedEx's policy not ours! All packages are declared at full value, include an invoice, and are marked as merchandise. No exceptions! Customers are responsible for any import taxes or fees that their government may charge.

It is the customer's responsibility to make immediate and adequate arrangements with their country's FedEx agent to accept a shipment after the first failed delivery attempt. Shipped items that are either refused by the customer, or cannot be delivered by the carrier, will be returned to Mint on Card. Customer's whose parcel's have been returned to Mint on Card will be required to pay the return shipping fee.

Shipping Price Adjustment:

The shipping quote you are given at check-out is an estimate, there is a chance that shipping may need to be adjusted after you have submitted your order. This will primarily happen to long layaway orders, or pre-orders. The main reasons for a shipping price adjustment are:
  1. Shipping companies usually adjust their rates a couple of times a year, if shipping rates have changed after your order was placed, then we might contact you with an updated rate. Example; you placed a 5 month layaway order, 2 months later FedEx announces a rate increase, this would likely affect your shipping rate.
  2. We don't know the exact weight of a new doll + the packaging it will ship out in, so we have to guess as to what the weight will be when we list a new doll for sale on our site. We are usually fairly accurate, but occasionally we underestimate how heavy a doll will be, or even if it needs multiple boxes for shipment, (this happens sometimes with limited edition dolls that include lots of parts; wings, extra limbs, etc.). If you place a pre-order for a newly released doll, and we underestimated it's weight when we listed it, then you might be contacted with the new rate.
It is unlikely that your shipping rate will change after your order is submitted, but there is a chance of it happening, so please be aware that small additional shipping fee is possible. Conversely, if we have overestimated your shipping rate we will contact you with a partial refund.


Standard Orders

Orders containing in-stock items can be canceled so long as the order has not yet shipped. There is a 5% cancellation fee if an order is canceled after we have already charged payment. If the payment has not yet been charged then there is no cancellation fee. Cancellation fees are waved if we offer a cancellation to the customer due to an error on our part, or the BJD manufacturer. Orders containing a pre-ordered item can only be canceled or altered if the order has not been submitted to the BJD company. If the pre-order item has been submitted to the BJD company then it can not be canceled.

Layaway Orders

Layaway orders containing only in-stock items can be canceled. The first payment, (deposit), will be forfeited, and the remainder of what has been paid will be refunded. Layaway orders containing pre-order items can not be canceled or altered. Layaway orders can not be partially canceled, meaning a customer can not cancel some of the items on the layaway, but keep others. For further layaway guidelines please visit our Layaway Policy Page.


Sales of Ball-jointed Dolls and related merchandise are final.

If there is a problem with your order, (items arrived damaged or we made a mistake with your order), please contact us right away so that we may resolve the problem. If you have received a BJD with damage you must contact us within 7 days of receiving it in order to acquire a free replacement part. Once 7 days have passed any replacement parts needed will be at the expense of the customer.

If you received the wrong item, or item size, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your order. Your item will need to be returned to us with original packaging, and we will then ship out the correct item. You will be reimbursed for the cost to ship the incorrect item back to us.

Email us for returns or damage claims. Please do NOT mail back your order before contacting us!


For more infomation about how MoC Munie works, please visit our Munie Policies page.


Please be sure to visit our Privacy Policies page if you have questions about how your personal information is used by us.

Refusal of Service:

Mint on Card, Inc reserves the right to refuse to sell to, or cancel the order of, any individual for any of the following reasons:
  • Fraud concerns. Whether the concern is caused by the individual, the individual's location, or payment method.

  • Customer's refusal to accept Mint on Card, Inc's Store Policies.

  • Customer's failure to pay for a previous order and not communicating with Mint on Card, Inc to cancel the order.

  • Customer's who have previously contacted Mint on Card, Inc and have been offensive, insulting, coarse, or threatening.

  • Individuals who purchase recast dolls, or are part of a recast BJD community.
*We are currently not shipping to the following countries:
  • Afghanistan,
  • Algeria,
  • Argentina,
  • Italy,
  • Lebanon,
  • Pakistan,
  • Saudi Arabia
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